Atlanta Mentors February Weekend: Switching, Sounding, Service, and Leather

What a weekend of learning we just had! We are finishing up our program strong!

On Saturday, Ms Ice Crysals presented Switching in Play, followed by open practice by our appprentices. In the afternoon, GoddessMW presented sounding. Afterwards, Trinity (writergirl) discussed service dates after which the appprentices did an exercise on service date negotiations. The day ended with Boy Andy’s presentation Service as a Boy.

Sunday began with a title holder’s panel which included Boy Andy, Girl Dale, Tidbit, Quaza, and Pup Kase. James Rawley and TJ also attended as guests of the panelists. In the afternoon, PlaineJane presented Resumes, Owners Manuals & Service Plans, followed-by Food Service by Miss Amy.

Thank you very much to the presenters, panelists, and guests!

Atlanta Mentors January Weekend: Ushering In a New Year

Atlanta Mentors hopes everyone had a joyous holidays and is having a wonderful new year.

We were pleased to welcome back our Apprentices, Mentors, and Presentors this past weekend. The second half of our program began with Trinity (writergirl) teaching The Art of the Scene and Accepting Service with Grace. Afterwards, Anna Baxter taught “How to make love to a trans person” where we learned how to be a trans ally and practice body positivity and acceptance. MzJewcy then taught Pushing Boundaries and shared games and ideas on how to scene outside the box. We appreciate all of our panelists and our moderator Savi, who participated in our sexuality panel and shared their personal views on sexuality, gender, and identity. Our weekend of learning ended with Alex (MyLittleFetish) teaching Slaves with Staff: Those that service the ones that serve.

Thank you to everyone who participated!

Atlanta Mentors November Weekend: Powerful Messages and Motivation

Atlanta Mentors ushered in another successful weekend that kicked off with a thought-provoking presentation by My Little Fetish titled “I don’t like it…But he prefers it that way!”, which included a discussion of the distinction between hurt vs. harm and suffering as service. The presentation was followed by an overview of the Personal Alignment Tool the apprentices are completing. In the afternoon, Ms Shay presented “Your Kinky Resume”, followed with the apprentices crafting their own resumes. The day ended with PlaineJane’s informative presentation on contracts.

Sunday was a very intense and emotional day for apprentices, presentors, and our roundtable participants. The first part of the day was Mags’ presentation “Rebuilding Trust”. The remainder of the day was the Poly Roundtable, moderated by Vroshnak, which included several people who represented different forms and types of poly, and involved a lively discussion with the apprentices.

To say that the weekend was a bit of an emotional rollercoaster would be an understatement; yet, very powerful and affirming. Atlanta Mentors sincerely apppreciates the time and support of the presentors and roundtable participants for the weekend: My Little Fetish, Ms Shay, PlaineJane, Mags, Vroshnak, SenorBowtie, MsAnnBitch, msannsboy, msannspig, PigsPiglet, Ms. J, Anna Baxter, Karen Roman, karma, and boy D.

Atlanta Mentors reconvenes in January, but the appprentices continue their learning with homework assignments and meetings with their newly assigned mentors. We are look forward to seeing everyone next year. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Atlanta Mentors October Weekend: The Learning Continues!

Our second Atlanta Mentors weekend was a full one for the apprentices. Atlanta Mentors expresses their sincere appreciation to the presenters: Sir Morgan, Ms. P, StrictDave, and Miss Amy, who generously offered their time, energy, and expertise. We would also like to sincerely thank Jaime from 1763.

Saturday was a full day of Dungeon Monitor Training with Sir Morgan. Ms. P presented Diversity Sensitivity and Jaime also participated by sharing her feedback and answering questions.

Sunday morning began with StrictDave’s presentation on Power Exchange Deconstruction, followed by Discipline and Punishment. In the afternoon, Miss Amy presented Saran Wrap Bondage. Afterwards, the apprentices had open practice with the saran wrap.

Our sincerest thanks again to all of the presenters, as well as the fabulous work so far by the apprentices.

Opening Weekend for the Atlanta Mentors Program

Opening weekend for Atlanta Mentors took place earlier this month with great feedback from apprentices and presenters alike.
Atlanta Mentors expresses their sincere appreciation to the presenters: Miss Ann, Boi Jai, Mags, Ms. Nikki, and Ms. J, who generously offered their time, energy, and expertise.
Saturday morning started out with a welcome and kick-off of the program, followed by Ms. J presenting “BDSM, the Law and You: Safety, Consent and Legal Rights”. The presentation included a discussion of consent, SESTA, and FOSTA. In the afternoon, Boi Jai presented “Shop Talk: When It’s Time a Tune-up”, an interactive class delving into validating and negotiating wants and needs. Afterwards, Miss Ann presented “I Live it 24/7 – Living Together with D/s in Your Life”, a comprehensive guide to the joys, triumphs, mistakes and heartbreaks that can happen in a 24/7 D/s relationship. The apprentices finished up with a group exercise.
Sunday morning began with SwtMagnolia presenting “Building the Best submissive/Dominant (Kinky) You”. The discussion included personal development and how it is an integral part of being a healthy and interactive partner, how to raise the bar for learning and growth, and how to focus in on the skills one wants to learn and finding the best places and teachers. Her presentation was followed by a group exercise. In the afternoon, the apprentices underwent CPR training with Ms. Nikki.
Our sincerest thanks again to all of the presenters, as well as the hard work so far by the apprentices.

Orientation a Success for 2018 Atlanta Mentors Program

Last weekend we were pleased to welcome our apprentices and several of our mentors at our orientation for the 2018 Atlanta Mentors Program. It was a wonderful opportunity for many of us to come together for the first time. We received overwhelming feedback from apprentices and mentors alike about how much they enjoyed the event, how excited they are about the program, and the caliber of the participants. Our sincerest thanks to everyone who attended, our generous sponsors, and those who dedicated their time and energy to such a successful event.

Application Deadline Extended!

Atlanta Mentors has extended the application deadline for the 2018 program to July 1st!  Select the Mentor/Presenter Application or Apprentice Application link above to apply!

We Want You!!

Atlanta Mentors is now accepting Apprentice and Mentor/Presenter applications!

Prospective Apprentices…

Do you have BDSM experience, but want to take it to the next level?

Would you like to participate in classes taught by skilled and knowledgeable presenters, and have the opportunity to work one-on-one with well-respected and experienced mentors?

Prospective Mentors/Presenters…

Do you have experience teaching classes in the community or have a great knowledge base you would like to share?

Would you like to serve the community by sharing your expertise and time with a group of dedicated hand-selected apprentices?

Please select the Mentor/Presenter Application or Apprentice Application at the top of our page to complete the application.

We look forward to the opportunity to welcome you to our 2018 program!