Director – Mz Jewcy

Jewish Leather Pride FlagMzJewcy (she/her)  is a graduate of the Atlanta Mentors 2011 program. She is a playful Sadist with a firm hand and a gentle touch. She enjoys laughter, games, and sharing energy. She has a passion for education and teaching. She enjoys co-topping because she feels it’s a great way to learn, share skills, ideas, and conserve energy.

MzJewcy has been an active participant in the lifestyle since 2006 and is a current member of MAsT: Marietta Women. She has presented at Frolicon, SELF, The Atlanta Eagle, 1763, The Red Chair, The School of Hard Knox, and a variety of groups in the Atlanta area. She offers classes on Sadistic Games, Raising Cane, and more.

Finance – Ms Shay 

Leather Pride & Rainbow FlagMs Shay (she/her/he/him) is a queer, leather dyke, poly, Top/Daddy who has been out in the community for more than 20 years and in open relationships for more than twice that long. She has attended numerous events including: SouthWest Leather Conference, International Ms Leather, South Plains Leatherfest, Desire, Together in Leather, Southeast Leatherfest, Frolicon, and Creating Change.

Ms. Shay enjoys continuing a longstanding tradition of mentoring new community members, not just in the United States, but abroad as well. If she were flagging all her interests she’d need a patchwork quilt! For the sake of brevity, she primarily flags black, red, and hunter green.

When not enjoying herself in a playspace somewhere, Ms. Shay enjoys the company of friends and time out in nature. She is proud to be served by her collared boi of many years, Q. Boy Andy is also in service and has been for several years.

Mentor Liaisons – TBD

Scheduling – ZekeStone

Chris/Christina (they/them/she/her) is a poly, pan, gender fluid, sadomasochist and switch that has been in the community since 2013.  They have attended Frolicon several times, been a demo bottom for multiple events at 1763 and is looking forward to attending more conferences in the upcoming year. Though education offered by Atlanta Mentors and presenters, Chris was able to understand their gender identity.   For that reason they will happily continue to serve on the board to help to provide education, a safe place for fellow humans the opportunity to grow and develop. 

Digital Ambassador – SacredBlueLotus

Sigil of CthulhuSacredBlueLotus is a bisexual sadistic Master with 20 years of experience in kink. This femme fatale speaks just as fluently with the sharp tongue of a DragonsTail as she does with a subtle command softly whispered in the ear. She plays the human body like a musical instrument and loves to hear to the symphony of the pain and pleasure she creates. She has a passion for learning and is a proud 2019 graduate of the Atlanta Mentors. She likes to give back to the kink community by regularly volunteering as a Dungeon Monitor, where you’ll often see her in creative outfits she designs and constructs herself.