Atlanta Mentors November Weekend: Powerful Messages and Motivation

Atlanta Mentors ushered in another successful weekend that kicked off with a thought-provoking presentation by My Little Fetish titled “I don’t like it…But he prefers it that way!”, which included a discussion of the distinction between hurt vs. harm and suffering as service. The presentation was followed by an overview of the Personal Alignment Tool the apprentices are completing. In the afternoon, Ms Shay presented “Your Kinky Resume”, followed with the apprentices crafting their own resumes. The day ended with PlaineJane’s informative presentation on contracts.

Sunday was a very intense and emotional day for apprentices, presentors, and our roundtable participants. The first part of the day was Mags’ presentation “Rebuilding Trust”. The remainder of the day was the Poly Roundtable, moderated by Vroshnak, which included several people who represented different forms and types of poly, and involved a lively discussion with the apprentices.

To say that the weekend was a bit of an emotional rollercoaster would be an understatement; yet, very powerful and affirming. Atlanta Mentors sincerely apppreciates the time and support of the presentors and roundtable participants for the weekend: My Little Fetish, Ms Shay, PlaineJane, Mags, Vroshnak, SenorBowtie, MsAnnBitch, msannsboy, msannspig, PigsPiglet, Ms. J, Anna Baxter, Karen Roman, karma, and boy D.

Atlanta Mentors reconvenes in January, but the appprentices continue their learning with homework assignments and meetings with their newly assigned mentors. We are look forward to seeing everyone next year. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

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