Atlanta Mentors February Weekend: Switching, Sounding, Service, and Leather

What a weekend of learning we just had! We are finishing up our program strong!

On Saturday, Ms Ice Crysals presented Switching in Play, followed by open practice by our appprentices. In the afternoon, GoddessMW presented sounding. Afterwards, Trinity (writergirl) discussed service dates after which the appprentices did an exercise on service date negotiations. The day ended with Boy Andy’s presentation Service as a Boy.

Sunday began with a title holder’s panel which included Boy Andy, Girl Dale, Tidbit, Quaza, and Pup Kase. James Rawley and TJ also attended as guests of the panelists. In the afternoon, PlaineJane presented Resumes, Owners Manuals & Service Plans, followed-by Food Service by Miss Amy.

Thank you very much to the presenters, panelists, and guests!