Atlanta Mentors March Weekend and Graduation

The Atlanta Mentors 2018/2019 program came to a close last month with our final weekend and graduation. 96 hours of class time, 31 classes, and 3 panels. Whew! A lot of work, time, and energy, but all worth it!

For our last weekend, we welcomed the incomparable Lady D for “Ask Lady D”, during which the apprentices had the opportunity to ask her a myriad of questions. PlaineJane returned to present “Volunteer Coordination” and “Events eXtreme! Planning Successful Kink Events in Your Community”. Our very own MzJewcy presented “Raising Cane”. We also were honored to have MsDDom return to present “Culture & Power Exchange” and Goddessmw present “Sensations with Essential Oils”. The newest addition to our board as Apprentice Liason, SimplyShiny, presented “Sexual Assault and Recovery”. Thank you to all of our presenters, and our apprentices for your hard work and dedication!

The following weekend was our graduation at 1763. Congratulations to our graduates! A huge thank you to 1763 for hosting us, and our volunteers. We are incredibly proud to have Ms_P_105 as one of our graduates. At graduation, we honored Swtmagnolia (“Mags”) for her amazing contributions to our program, and the apprentices awarded PlaineJane as favorite presenter.

Our sincerest appreciation and heartfelt thanks to everyone who has contributed and supported Atlanta Mentors with their time, energy, and donations. We are not stopping! Plans are already in the works for our upcoming 101 program. Stay tuned!

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