Atlanta Mentors 2020 Program

Atlanta Mentors is pleased to announce its 2020 program dates. We are very excited for another successful year and welcoming our incoming apprentices, mentors, and presentors. Registration begins November 1, 2019.

Go to to complete an application.

2020 Program Dates:

August 15/16
Sept 19/20
Oct 17/18
Jan 16/17 (2021)
Feb 20/21
Mar 20/21

We are very grateful to 1763 for graciously hosting out 2020 program. Founded in 2003, 1763 “A Deviant Place of Decadence”, the largest Atlanta dungeon, serves the Atlanta, Southeastern, National and International Fetish and BDSM Community, offering a wide variety of events throughout each month, in the largest play space in the Atlanta area. In July 2018, fotodawg and Ms P_105 became the new owners of 1763.
“As you all know 1763 has a long and amazing history of serving the Lifestyle community in a wide variety of ways. We obviously want to continue that legacy and improve it.”

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