Panels and Presenters and Practice, Oh My!

The Atlanta Mentors 2020 class has so much to look forward to!

  • Four panels in polyamory, sexuality, submission, and personal experience

  • Presentations by StrictDave, SirMorgan, –Nick–, PapaWes, littlemstr, Learcifer, MsShay,
    -TwistedLily-, Miss Amy, SimplyShiny, MxJ, Fire-Shadows, Moxy, Boomer, Mister-H-, boy_andy, MsAnnBitch, Pixi_Precious, SadieLace, Ms_P_105, Demon_Doll, Xanny, ZekeStone, MzJewcy, Trinity, Nikki, and more!

  • Eighteen hours of hands on learning in consent, spanking, canes, flogging, ships, sensation play, after care, bootblacking, rope, saran wrap, play energy, needles, fire, violet wand, wax, and knifes

Get your apprentice applications submitted now! There are only 25 spots and they are going fast. We are also accepting applications for mentors and presenters.

The program will be held at 1763.

Founded in 2003, 1763 “A Deviant Place of Decadence”, the largest Atlanta dungeon, serves the Atlanta, Southeastern, National and International Fetish and BDSM Community, offering a wide variety of events throughout each month in the largest play space in the Atlanta area.

In July 2018, fotodawg and Ms P_105 became the new owners of 1763.
“As you all know 1763 has a long and amazing history of serving the Lifestyle community in a wide variety of ways. We obviously want to continue that legacy and improve it.”

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