Baskets for 1763 Stations Saturday, Feb 1, 2020

Atlanta Mentors is pleased to have drawings for two baskets of goodies at 1763 Education Stations tomorrow night. Double the pleasure, double the fun! 😉

Basket 1

  • 2 Glass dildos
  • Red wood paddle
  • Chainmail harness top
  • Charm bracelet
  • Chocolates
  • Candle

Basket 2

  • Leather quirt
  • Leather slapper
  • Wood paddle
  • Patches
  • Crop
  • Portable sharps container
  • Book – Juice by Uncle Abdul
  • Bondage tape
  • 3 canes

More information on the drawings will be provided at the event.

Featuring 13 stations and a multitude of knowledgeable presenters, including our very own MzJewcy, this is the perfect night to see, learn about, and experience a wide range of activities. The 1763 Education Stations is an event that allows you to come in for the evening and experience a variety of “hands on” activities.

See you there!