Atlanta Mentors Class Schedule 2020

We are excited to present our class schedule for 2020!


Registration is open!

**Atlanta Mentors Class Schedule 2020**

  • Program Expectations by girlMel
  • Personal Experience Panel by Sadielace
  • How to be Mentored by Sadielace
  • Leather History
  • Consent by NickFuEntes
  • Negotiations by Learcifer
  • Negotiations, Traumas, and Triggers by SimplyShiny
  • DM Training by Sir_Morgan
  • Diversity Training by Ms_P_105
  • STD Presentations & Awards by Sadielace
  • CPR/First Aid Certification by MissNikki
  • Self-Identification, Mission Statements, Values Worksheet
  • Safe Pick up Play by KatzchenKlein459
  • Personalities, How we interact by MxJ& Sadielace
  • Service Snafu’s by Mara
  • Protocols and Rituals by DiosaJax
  • Dungeon Etiquette by NickFuEntes
  • Pervertable Toybags by MsShay
  • Quality toys and what to look for by Littlemstr
  • Play Energy, Dynamics, Connections, and Communication by StrictDave
  • Spanking by StrictDave (followed by practice session)
  • BDSM and the Law by MxJ
  • Transparancy Project by Demon_Doll
  • Sexuality Panel
  • Rope by -TwistedLily- (Followed by practice session)
  • Flogging by BigJ_Atl (Followed by practice session)
  • When things go wrong by SimplyShiny
  • Saran Wrap by Miss Amy (followed by practice session)
  • Submissive Panel by Xanny
  • Art of the Scene by Trinity/ writergirl (followed by practice session)
  • Itchinawa by Trinity/writergirl (followed by practice session)
  • Poly Panel
  • Hands-On Stations #1 (hands-on experience)
    • Bootblacking by Xanny
    • Canes by MzJewcy
    • Flogging by Mister-H-
    • Whips by Boomer66
    • Sensation by ZekeStone
    • Aftercare by Pixi_Precious
  • Hands-On Stations #2 (hands-on experience)
    • Needles by MsAnnBitch
    • Fire Play by Fire-Shadows
    • Violet Wand by PupKase/ snopuppy
    • Wax by RopeMoxie
    • Knifes by hdiandrew
    • Aftercare by Pixi_Precious

****Changes may occur without notice****

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