1763 COVID-19 April Update

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1763 COVID-19 April Update

To all our Members,

Again we have to delay the reopening of 1763. We had planned to reopen on April 18th but due to the shelter-in-place guidelines through April and the continued curfew in the City of Tucker, we will reevaluate our situation in late April. At this point we are hopeful to have 1763 opened again on May 9th.

1763 depends on its membership and door fees to survive. Losing several months of income is putting a strain on the resources to pay our basic bills: rent, electric, gas, internet, and water. So, we have decided to offer our members an opportunity to support. These offers will not only help 1763 stay debt free during this time, but will also allow our members benefits they can use once we are back up and running.

  • NEW – Purchase a 1763 COVID19 Bond. This bond in denominations of $20.00. We will create special numbered bonds with your name on them that can be used for discounted door fees once we reopen, room rental, merchandise in the scream store. (One $20 bond will be good for our regular $25 door fee).

  • Purchase a VIP membership for $700 to include the following:
      1. Unlimited door fees for 1 year, to any event for which you qualify
      2. 1 free room rental of your choice
      3. A 1763 T shirt and koozie
      4. Unlimited bottled water for you at any event
      5. An additional 10% off room rentals
  • Reserve a suite for the future with a $50 deposit or pay in full if possible

  • Hold a private party for you and your closest friends. We have special pricing for a 4-hour Dungeon rental, use special code GOTTOPLAY to get the special rate of $75.00 per hour. Due to the Tucker curfew, your party must conclude by 9 PM, EST.

  • Prepay for a private party in the future. If you book by May 1, 2020 receive a 20% discount off the regular rate of $150 per hour.

We hope every member, friend and loved one is staying healthy, safe and sane during this trying time. Please reach out to us at 1763club@gmail.com or 1763reservations@gmail.com if you are able to help keep your dungeon fiscally sound during the pandemic.

With love,
fotodawg and Ms_P

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