Rules & Policies

Refund Policy – All registration donations are non-refundable. A registration donation can be transferred only during a 101 program. No refunds will be issued.

Attendance – You must communicate with your Liaison coordinator with as much advance notice as possible. Apprentices are allowed a two (2) day pass. Additional days can be made up the following year, at no charge, and you can graduate with the following class. If you need to make up more than two (2) days of classes we are willing to work with you.

Code of Conduct – Your actions must represent a mature responsible educational program. No public intoxication. Actions against this policy could result in being asked to leave the program.
Your behavior online and in person, while enrolled in our program, represents our name. If we find your behavior to be undesirable, we reserve the right to ask you to depart our program.

Confidentiality – We promote an atmosphere of sharing and learning. We ask that stories and personal experiences shared within the group stay within the group. We also respect the work our presenters put into their classes. It is expected that handouts and instructional materials will not be plagiarized or quoted without reference to that presenter.

Phone Policy – Our mentors and teachers have generously volunteered their time to participate in our program. We ask that you put your phone away while the class is in process or excuse yourself from the room.

Drugs – Illegal drugs of any sort are prohibited. We do not endorse or permit any non-prescription drug use.  If usage is suspected, an investigation will determine the facts. Use of illegal drugs could result in removal from the program.

Smoking – There is no smoking or vaping allowed inside the building but there are designated areas outside. Please do not dispose of cigarette butts on the ground.

Sexual Misconduct – BDSM is laced with heavy sexual eroticism and Mentors are allowed to teach these aspects of the lifestyle, however, during the duration of this program there will be absolutely no sexual relationship between any Apprentices and Mentors, Presenters, or Board Members. Sexual play between Apprentice AND Atlanta Mentors is prohibited until after graduation. Sexual play is defined as erotic manipulation to orgasm, sexual intercourse, or penetration. If you are already in a relationship with a Mentor, please let your Apprentice Liaison know.

Pictures – In order to protect each individuals identity, you must obtain permission from anyone whose picture you would like to take. Do not post pictures of anyone other than yourself to social media without their permission.

Disclaimer – Atlanta Mentors Program reserves the right to change any membership requirement without notice; vet prospective or current members; and deny access and/or admission. We reserve the right to refuse anyone access into the program and anyone to be removed from the program. Final decision rests with the leaders concerning any and all issues regarding this group. NOTICE: THE ABOVE RULES AND POLICIES MAY BE EDITED AND UPDATED TO MAINTAIN PRIMARY FOCUS OF THE GROUP WITHOUT NOTICE.